Winlink Repeater

Winlink Procedures


What is Winlink?  

Winlink is a packet mode of communication.  It operates very similar to other digital modes of communication, but operates with a windows like interface.  Winlink is used to relay messages from point A to point B, with or without routing messages over the internet.

For a general primer on Winlink, here is a link to Wikipedia’s article (very in depth)

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What is a Winlink Repeater?

A Winlink repeater is similar to a voice repeater, in that it listens and, when needed, will rebroadcast the data to get from point A to point B.  The big difference is that it uses the same frequency for transmit and receive.



What is so special about Winlink?  It’s just another form of digital communication.

Winlink is a communication mode that connects with the internet seamlessly, and has the support of organizations ARES serves in time of emergency.

Winlink for Emcomm.pdf

How many modes / Configurations does Winlink have?

  1. Winlink mode:  This mode is used to have the repeater store or forward the message.  The recipient can be on the same repeater or it can forward the message to another repeater, or even route it via the internet.  An excellent use for this mode is if the shelter does not have internet aaccess, the winlink repeater is used, and sends the messages, via the internet, to the local Red Cross coordinators, or even the national Red Cross shipping centers, or send shelter reports to the local EOC (Emergency Operations Center).
  2. P2P mode:  In this mode the repeater, or combination of repeaters, are used to create a real-time link between point A and B, and the message is transmitted in real time format.
  3. Local only mode:  This mode operates without internet connectivity, and is used simply for message storage and retrieval on a local basis only.

What are the Winlink Frequencies?

Note:  These frequencies are also listed with in the Winlink App, under Channel selection when the send Winlink message window is open.


  1. 2 Meters:  Call sign:  KD2DO-10  Frequency:  145.03 MHZ
  2. 6 Meters:  Call sign:  KD2DO-11  Frequency:  50,707 KHZ
  3. 20 Meters  Call sign:  KD2DO-11 Frequency:  14,096 KHZ 
  4. 40 meters  Call sign:  KD2DO-11 Frequency:  7,103.5 MHZ
  5. 80 Meters  Call sign:  KD2DO-11 Frequency:  3,588.5 KHZ

Where are the repeaters located?

111 Westfall Road (the Monroe County Social Services building).

Mailing Address

#1148 1100 Jefferson Road, Suite 12, Rochester, NY 14623